The Studio Sipleo

The Studio Sipleo is a sound communication agency that is responsible for creating your musical compositions with recorded voices.

What is the Sipleo Studio?

Sipleo Studio is a sound communication agency, which is responsible for designing your musical expectations.


If you want to wait a few moments or inform your correspondents (customers, prospects, suppliers, etc.) about new developments, setting up a personalized telephone reception with music on hold, a pre-hooked, a voicemail or even an IVR (interactive voice server), is not negligible.

Plus, all these features can be customized based on your business. These make your brand image more positive and your customers more attentive to the messages you broadcast.

What can you configure with the Sipleo Studio?

Thanks to Sipleo Studio, your telephone reception will be warm and unique!

Whether you are open, closed, with modified hours… Your customers must be kept informed of any changes. You don’t have any inspiration for your messages or music on hold? Do not panic ! The agency has selected some examples for you.

The sound communications agency gives you the opportunity to configure as much information as possible, so that your telephone reception is as understanding as possible!

What exactly can you configure?

The pre-hooked

From the first ring, generate a personalized message to welcome your interlocutor. This first configuration gives a professional and dynamic image to your company and reduces lost calls.


Hold music on the Studio Sipleo

After the personalized welcome, keep your correspondent waiting by playing useful information or well-known music. By communicating your news or providing pleasant background music, you make the wait shorter and more dynamic.

The answering machine

Your customers may not be able to contact you outside of their work hours or during specific times. This is why you can take their calls into account by setting up an answering machine.

Thanks to this, you pay attention to their availability, but also to their request, because you can contact them again after reading their messages.


The interactive voice server (IVR)

If your company is divided into several departments, reachable by your customers, it is almost essential to set up an IVR to redirect people to the person who can respond to their requests.

This feature improves call distribution and makes your teams more productive.

Do you have an idea of ​​the type of telephone reception you would like to set up? So give free rein to your imagination on the creation interface!

If you lack inspiration, our teams are here to help you create a professional, dynamic and efficient welcome!

Create your future telephone reception!

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