Self-employed businesses

The number of self-employed businesses increased by around 17% compared to 2020. In 2021, France reached a new record with more than 995,900 company creations.

Have you just started your business?

Young companies (start-ups, micro-enterprises, self-enterprises, etc.) all have strong growth potential.

However, we must be able to take the step towards sustainable development. This is why we must succeed in consolidating the internal organization and even more so setting up real business telephony.

Furthermore, within each society, telephony is too often neglected. This sometimes generates frustration or negative feedback from customers.

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Why have a telephony solution adapted to small structures?

As a telecom operator, Sipleo has the ability to set up geographic or non-geographic telephone numbers for your organization.

Geographic numbers

Geographic numbers are numbers that will be specific depending on the region in which your company is located.

For example: if your structure is located in Toulouse, the area code of your future telephone number(s) will start with 05.

Non-geographic numbers

Non-geographic numbers are numbers that will not be associated with a particular region and whose area code will begin with 09.

In addition to these two specific features, our telephony solution also has many positive points. These will help and support your company to better manage your telephone calls (incoming and outgoing).


To evolve sustainably, you cannot neglect the image that your company projects when customers contact you. Respecting rather conventional practices allows you to present a more serious image. But also more professional towards your customers and/or service providers.

Even if you are a small structure, it is important to interact with your interlocutor when starting the call. This can be possible thanks to a careful welcome or personalized hold music.

Our Sipleo solution offers you multiple features, which make your internal communication and your telephone reception warmer.

Additionally, Sipleo also makes teleworking and conference calls easy, whether remotely or onsite!

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Business mobility

Sipleo is also a unified communications system with a single number to reach your landline or mobile phone, wherever you are.

When you are alone to manage your company and you have to travel a lot, our business telephony solution gives you the possibility of receiving calls from your landline on your mobile!

The goal is not to miss calls from potential customers or prospects and to continue to grow your business, wherever you are.

Flexibility and cost management

As a self-employed person, you do not necessarily have the necessary funds or the adequate capacity to take out an advanced subscription with other suitable options.

At Sipleo, we take your situation into account! This is why we offer you a flexible and scalable business telephony solution.

For example, if you move into new premises or open a new agency, you can easily add positions, without purchasing a communication system, thanks to Sipleo’s multi-site or multi-company options.

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Simplify procedures in the long term and entrust your telephony to professionals and telephony enthusiasts. You will thus be able to devote yourself to your activity and move forward more calmly.

Choosing Sipleo means choosing a solution that will grow with you!

What are the Sipleo offers for self-employed businesses?

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To get started, we offer you the Sipleo Access offer, which contains essential features when managing a micro-enterprise or start-up.

As you grow up, your needs will be different. This is why you will be able to develop your offer and adapt your solution by adding other functionalities!

Develop your telephony with the Sipleo IPBX!

Questions about your business telephony project?