Types of fibre-optic Internet

With Sipleo, you have the choice between two types of fibre-optic Internet: FTTO fiber and FTTH fiber. Which one should you choose?

FTTO fiber


FTTO fiber stands for “Fiber to the office”, in other words “fiber to the office”. This is a dedicated point-to-point network, connected directly to a company via an optical connection node.

Indeed, FTTO fiber is an exclusive connection method, guaranteeing your company symmetrical speed and a 100% service commitment. Among these commitments, we find the GTR (Guarantee of Recovery Time). So, with this type of connection, the security of your network is optimal.

FTTH fiber


FTTH fiber stands for “Fiber to the home”. This consists of installing the FTTH network to the subscriber’s home.

Installing FTTH fiber and deploying it requires little investment. In addition, this type of network is generally found in mixed areas, because it serves both businesses and individuals, who share the speed between them from the Optical Connection Node (NRO).

Unlike FTTO, FTTH does not take into account GTR (Restoration Time Guarantee).

FTTH / FTTO: which fiber to choose for your business?


Your choice will depend on several data, namely: the profile of your company, your Internet usage or even your location.

In the event that your business consumes a lot of bandwidth or that it necessarily requires a guaranteed transit time, we advise you to use a dedicated connection, namely FTTO fiber.

This type of connection is also preferred if your employees use collaborative tools, facilitating exchanges remotely or on site. Indeed, FTTO allows your unified communications solutions to operate without great difficulty.

If your company does not require a lot of Internet consumption or a very high speed, we recommend the shared network with several subscribers, in other words, FTTH fiber.

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Of these two types of fibre-optic Internet, which one do you want to install in your business?

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