What is lone worker protection?

Protect your employees with your business telephony by setting up a lone worker protection plan. More informations here.

What is a lone worker?

To begin with, the term “lone worker” can define different professions. Itinerant technicians, staff working odd hours or even security agents are considered IT… Indeed, many single workers, outside of “classic” hours, are defined as “lone workers”. Much more than we can imagine!

This is why it is essential to provide them with additional security.

The protection of isolated workers means, above all, compliance with the regulations in force concerning safety at work.

Indeed, lone workers can, at any time, be confronted with complicated situations. The latter can be dangerous due to their isolation (discomfort, aggression, etc.).

This is why putting different solutions in place to enable them to notify emergency services or their colleagues in the event of a problem is essential.


PTI: how to protect the lone worker?

Emergency call

You can choose to configure a button that will automatically launch an internal call to an extension, a group of pre-defined extensions.

This can also be a call directly to emergency services or even sending an SMS.

Immobility too long

In the event of loss of verticality, discomfort for example or immobilization for too long, the agent's telephone may trigger an alarm. It can also be triggered if the person is forcibly restrained or trapped, for example.

You can choose to send a message to the agent to check if everything is okay with them with a validation code to send.

Or you can also choose to call back or send someone to the location following this alarm.

Questions about the safety of your employees or how predefined alarms work?

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