The park server

What is advantages of the park server ? How use this functionality in your business ? 

The park server on Sipleo

The term “park” comes from the word “parking”. This one allows incoming calls to be centralized in one place, while waiting for them to be retrieved.

With Sipleo the principle is simple, first in is first out. In other words, the first person to contact your company is the one your team should respond to first.

The objective of this option is to pick up calls. This means that your employees must retrieve calls from queues and not wait for them to be triggered.


How can server park be useful for your company?

It is a major asset for telephony management within your company.

Thanks to the way it works, calls are taken in a precise order of arrival. This allows customers to have a suitable waiting time. It is also a way of making your employees more efficient in managing calls, by taking them one after the other and not randomly in the queue.


Let's take a doctor's office for example. Jean would like to make an appointment with his doctor Pierre. The person who receives all calls to this office takes care of this first appointment request and transfers Jean to Doctor Pierre's secretary. The latter, already being on the phone, will pick up Jean when his name appears in first position in the order of arrival.

Sipleo offers

The principle implemented by the Park server highlights ease of use and above all equality for each call.

You can add the functionality in one of the three Sipleo offers: Access, Cloud or On Premise. If you do not choose this functionality from the start, you have the option of purchasing it later.

Sipleo helps you configure the option!

Do you need help configuring the Park server with Sipleo?