Queues management

Why set up a queues management system for your incoming calls?

Our business telephony solution adapts to your needs and your professional challenges, thanks to queues management.

Inform your callers

During each call, your interlocutors expect a personalized and unique experience. The main goal of this option is to reduce the perceived wait and inform callers about the actual wait.

Manage your teams

Thanks to queues, you adapt your teams to incoming call flows every day and in real time. With our Sipleo IPBX, you have the possibility of associating several groups or profiles in each queue.

For example: if your company only has one operator, incoming calls will be placed in a single queue. People in this queue will be informed in real time of their position or remaining waiting time.

How to calculate the waiting time of a queue?


Sipleo offers businesses a calculation system, which gives your interlocutors a forecast waiting time for their calls, allocated to “parks” (park server), extensions or groups, before being processed.

The ultimate goal of wait time estimation is to automate calls processing: announce a wait time, hang up, take no action, etc. This also serves as a statistical basis for possible calculations.

For example: thanks to the statistics made available by Sipleo, you will be able to estimate a correction coefficient based on calculated average waiting times and those recently observed.

Do you want to reassure your interlocutors?

Questions about queues? Our team answers all your questions!