A better management of incoming calls

Sipleo offers a better management of queuing process on the phone. The Sipleo solution takes into considerations new professional issues for company that receive calls from customers who want to live an unique experience as a user (customer support on phone for example). Purpose is to reduce the waiting time perceived by the caller and the real wainting time and this for different kind of callers. Thanks to the IPBX Sipleo and its management of queuing process, you can adapt, in real time, your human resources to the flow of callers all day long. In each queue, you can associate several devices, groups or agents…in order to answer calls after an attribution of “skills” to each telephone counsellor in your enterprise (sales representative, technician, bilingual…).

Sipleo proposes a calculation method of the predictable time of waiting for calls directed in the queuing process (park, device or group) before beeing treated. Applied methodology should offer to the caller a good mean to estimate its waiting time. And this thanks to the collection of a maximum of possibilities that are different in function of the activity and the organization of the company called (opening hours, kind of public concerned…). The final purpose of this calculation, this estimation, is to propose actions on the treatment of calls (do nothing, hang up, announce a waiting time…). This estimation can be use of statistical base for a later calculation of waiting time. For example, we can calculate a correction coefficient from the average of waiting time duration based on those that are calculated and those that are really observed.