The Call Detail Record (CDR)

What is the Call Detail Record (CDR)?

CDR comes from “Call Detail Record”, which in French means “collection of call details”. This is a set of statistical data concerning your incoming and outgoing calls (landline, VoIP, mobile).


What are the features of CDR on Sipleo?

To help you develop and considerably improve your business telephony, the Call Detail Record (CDR) brings together numerous statistical analysis possibilities.

On your Sipleo administrator interface, you can view the data for all of your calls on an annual calendar or sorted by date.

You also have access to different call statistics, which you can filter by type, extension (line) and internal or external exchange.

It is also possible for you to have an analysis report concerning pre-hooked and other very detailed information, so that you can develop and improve your business telephony in a sustainable way:


Information about the times you received calls.


Information about:

  • The duration of the ringtone,
  • The duration of the call,
  • The full duration.

Information regarding the cost of communications.


More details about the type of call you received.


Detailed informations about each telephone line.


Indications on:

  • The number of the callers,
  • The numbers dialed,
  • The numbers answered.

Implementation of different actions depending on the chosen line.

What are the advantages of Call Detail Record?


The CDR is a tool, present on Sipleo, which will give you the possibility of analyzing, in the smallest details, each element concerning your business telephony.

In addition, this fairly powerful feature allows you to visualize the progress of each of your conversations (ringing duration, pre-hooked, call duration, etc.) and to improve.

A company that develops its telephony is a company that provides its customers with ever more appropriate and efficient services and support!

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