Hospitality version was developped to give a solid anwser to customers and prospects who need to adapt Sipleo to hotels, coworking center and hospital…

A solution adapted to hotels

This “update” completes the Sipleo solution with new functions such as :

  • Internal or external taxation on every kind of extension (phone, group, agent…).
  • Generatin of CDR (call detail record) directly in a different data base to not overload the Sipleo server of production.
  • Possibility to copy an ensemble of extensions (a model already used). It offers the possibility to modify the whole chosen entensions in one shot.
  • Setting of a check in and check out system
  • Restriction on the use of phones after a check out
  • Generation of an invoice which details costs of communications made when people check out.
  • Invoice management and back up.
  • Possibility to create a IVR with an alarm clock function.

We can imagine that this hospitality version can be used in retirement homes, coworking center or hospitals, clinics… Sipleo is a solution really complete for companies whatever the business sector.