IPBX Sipleo

The telecom operator, on a human scale, close to you and attentive to your needs, that you need!

Why choose the Sipleo telecom operator?


Faced with the multitude of service providers and the increasing complexity of telecoms offers, it is often difficult to navigate.

Sipleo Télécom is a telephone operator on a human scale, close to you and attentive to your needs!

In order to offer a more complete telephony offer, Sipleo became a telecom operator in 2012. In fact, Sipleo provides you with links based on your location (speed subject to conditions), your needs and your budget.

Sipleo Telecom offers, for your company, ADSL, VDSL, SDSL and fibre-optic Internet offers, bare or with an IPsec/MPLS VPN.

Choose quality links and benefit from unlimited plans to landlines and mobiles in France, in the french overseas departments or internationally, in SIP trunk, packaged with our different offers.

Which telecommunications offer to choose?

Choose the offer adapted to your needs and your company: daily internet use, number of employees, geographical location… Do you have any doubts? Our team is here to advise you!


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