Sipleo IPBX: features adapted to your business
(PART 1)

For more than 30 years, the Sipleo team has made every effort to offer companies a unique, scalable solution adapted to each business.

Today, the enterprise telephony solution over IP includes more than 50 functionalities, whether in terms of reception, productivity, coupling, mobility, teleworking, collaborative work, team management or still safe.

Whatever your job, your responsibilities or the size of your company, Sipleo is able to adapt!

Let’s see together the features of the IPBX Sipleo, which can perfectly adapt to your business, among the categories listed above.

The personalized reception of your business telephony

Sipleo provides you with a large number of features, so as to personalize and adapt your telephone reception according to your departments, employees, internal scenarios (groups, schedules, profiles, etc.), entities, etc.

The interactive voice server (IVR)

It allows you to manage all incoming calls by limiting direct contact with your agents. This will guide and inform each caller as best as possible. The IVR has many advantages and is one of the key features of our IP telephony solution.

Use case

You can configure one or more interactive voice servers to meet different needs: inform your customers of an important event, in a fairly short period of time, without mobilizing staff; carry out surveys to improve the quality of exchanges; broadcast messages regarding new products/services or a one-off promotion; Quickly authenticate callers to provide better support.

Many other configurations are possible with the IVR to optimize the work within your team and increase the competitiveness of your company.

The multisite

More flexibility, more mobility, multisite is a fairly widespread business format in France. Our IPBX allows you to pool your telephone lines and create a personalized reception depending on the line contacted. With Sipleo, pooling your lines gives you access to better line configuration and management.

Use case

With Sipleo's multisite functionality, manage your telephone lines located on different sites from a single telephony solution; use a single number for several sites (medical sector for example); have multiple phone lines for a single site, etc.

Does your business move and evolve? Sipleo PBX too!

Other features are available on Sipleo to personalise your telephone reception as much as possible, including pre-answer, park server, personalised voicemail, queues, skills management… I invite you to discover them!

Increase productivity with your business telephony

SMS, conference calls, calls, faxes… All the features you need in your daily life are available on Sipleo!

The click to call

Configured with SipleoAssist and linked with the CTI, click to call is an essential feature for your daily telephone exchanges! Go to a Google page, a website, a CRM or even an email and simply click on the number you want to call. If the number is saved in your directory and belongs to a contact, the name of the contact will appear automatically.

With click to call, you save time in the process of initiating a call, you automate certain recurring tasks, you reduce the risk of error and you can correct quickly if you click on the wrong number.

Use case

You are required to exchange by telephone daily with several people (customers, prospects, service providers, etc.). To guarantee better efficiency and avoid unnecessary errors, click to call will be your best ally!

Skills management

Facilitate the management of your incoming and outgoing calls by setting up a triage based on the knowledge and skills of your employees. The implementation of an interactive voice server (IVR) is essential to configure intelligent settings according to the skills of your agents.

When a person seeks to contact your company (customer, partner, service provider, etc.), your IVR can perform 4 actions: identify the origin of the call using the telephone number; ask the caller to press the numbers corresponding to their request; consider caller requests; redirect them to the right person or the right department according to their problem.

All the actions carried out by the IVS will allow the caller to have the right contact at the other end of the line.

Use case

Skills management will give you the possibility of establishing redirections to employees with specific skills: foreign languages, IT, legal, technician, sales, etc. A way for you to effectively handle incoming calls and considerably improve the customer journey.

At Sipleo, we understand your needs and those of your customers. This is why various features are available to personalize and optimize your business telephony.

Computer-telephony integration (CTI)

In addition to IVR (Interactive Voice Server), CTI (Telephony Computer Coupling) is also in high demand. The simple fact of being able to link your telephony solution to your business tool (CRM, ERP, other professional software) will simplify your daily tasks! In addition, once the CTI is configured, it gives you access to other very advantageous features!

Automatic call distribution (ACD)

The ACD is more responsive than a human. This innovative technology manages your employees' skills and incoming call rules to help you receive as many calls as possible as quickly and efficiently as possible. In addition, the ACD will allow your telephony solution to route calls according to predefined variables (availability, languages ​​spoken, trades, technical skills, etc.), as we saw earlier in the skills management section .

Use case

If you receive a large number of calls per day, the ACD allows you to intelligently route each call taking into account each skill; to distribute the capacities of the people in charge of the calls and not to miss any request; effectively manage overflows by forwarding a call on hold to another person able to meet the caller's needs, according to one or more criteria defined beforehand (number of rings, availability, waiting time, etc.).

Automatic sheet pop-up

As its name suggests, this feature allows you to obtain the file (or file) of the person who is calling you or whom you are trying to reach.

From the first ring, the information associated with the telephone number appears on your screen in order to respond to the person's needs more quickly. This technology improves the productivity of your employees and optimizes the relationship with your customers, which gives them a feeling of privilege.

Use case

You communicate by telephone on a daily basis and you need to have the file or file of your interlocutor quickly at hand, this is a feature you need. Apart from having a visual on the caller's information, you also have the possibility of making live modifications, adding files / information (or other) instantly.

As you have seen, Sipleo has a large number of features, which allow you to customize and adapt the telephony solution to your company and your business. Since the options are very numerous and in order not to get lost in this flow of information, we have cut our article into two parts.

While waiting for the release of the second part, I invite you to discover all the features present on the IPBX Sipleo by clicking on the button below.

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