Customer experience

The customer experience must be optimized, even in telephony. Here are some tips to make your customers' daily lives easier with Sipleo!

Why improve the user experience?


Optimize your telephone reception

From the moment one of your customers contacts you, they are experiencing a problem or have a specific need. In the majority of cases, the request will be processed during the call and the customer will be satisfied with the service of your agents.

However, the customer experience doesn’t just stop at handling the call. This begins when your customer dials your telephone number and ends once they hang up.

Some tips to improve the customer experience

Between these two moments, the configuration of your telephony will play an important role. For your customer’s experience to be fully successful, the implementation of a few features, present on Sipleo, is essential: pre-hooked, voicemail, interactive voice server (IVR), calls filtering and routing, music on hold, incoming call scenarios, etc…

From the start of their call, your customer must feel listened to, reassured and must be able to be directed to the right department, in order to save time in processing their request.


For example: you can set up a pre-hooked at the start of a call, accompanied by a personalized greeting message. Following this, an interactive voice server takes over to direct the person to the right department or tell them that the secretariat is closed and that they can leave a message on the answering machine.

With Sipleo, anything is possible! We seek to make the daily lives of your employees easier, but also to optimize the experience of your customers. Thanks to our business telephony solution, your telephone reception is personalized, tailor-made and scalable!

Some tools to improve your customers’ experience with Sipleo

Calls filtering and routing

The pre-hooked

Personalized voicemail

Custom music on hold

Incoming calls scenarios

The interactive voice server (IVR)

Automatic customer file display

Optimize future customer experiences!

Is your goal to improve the user experience and your brand image? Sipleo supports you in creating a personalized and captivating telephone reception.

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