Sipleo IPBX: the features that adapt to your business (PART 2)

[CONTINUED] As promised, as due! Last month we published an article about some of the features of Sipleo. This month we reveal the rest.

Mobility, telecommuting, collaborative work, monitoring, security… Features that adapt to your business and are just as important for the proper functioning of your business.

Whatever your job, your responsibilities or the size of your company, Sipleo adapts to you!

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Mobility and teleworking – 2 tools for better productivity

Over time, business habits and practices evolve. Today, mobility and teleworking have an important place within certain companies. This is why it requires some adjustments, particularly for the telephony part. In its offers, Sipleo offers 2 tools to facilitate these new needs and features that adapt to your business.

The softphone

This softphone, only available on a computer, replaces and has the same functionality as a traditional telephone. You can call and be called, without picking up your handset or mobile phone… Everything is done from your computer using a dedicated line.

Sipleo’s softphone is very advantageous for companies, as it optimizes their profitability, quality and performance: flexible tool that adapts to all structures, compatibility with Jabra headsets (and other peripherals on the market), easier set-up internal telecommuting, better long-term profitability… And more!

Use case: Are you introducing teleworking within your company and you want to improve the productivity of your employees and reduce your costs? The softphone is the perfect ally! With it, you can configure hotkeys to perform certain commands, mute a call, play music on hold, transfer a call, manage multiple phone lines… And many more possibilities!




With SipleoMobile, the mobility of your employees is made easier! Make and receive business calls from your smartphone (iPhone or Android) using the same phone number as your landline.

The Sipleo mobile application allows you to remain reachable on your professional number wherever you are; quickly carry out call transfers; create or participate in conference calls; to use the company directory; to view the call log… In short, to be able to work efficiently while traveling while using the same possibilities as in the office.

Use case: your activity requires you to be on the move very regularly and you need to be reachable at any time (salesperson, real estate agent, traveling salesman, controller, truck driver, repairman, landscaper, gardener, postman , delivery person, etc.), SipleoMobile is made for your business!

Collaborative work

Teamwork improves the competitiveness and performance of each company. And it becomes easier to implement when your agents collaborate with the right tools!

Conference calls, sending SMS, intercom… Thanks to these small features, which adapt to your job, collaborative work is within everyone’s reach.

Conference calls

Centralize and manage your conference calls the way you want with Sipleo! Find all past teleconferences on the SipleoAssist tool or on your landline. From the start of the conference, add members to it, using the drag & drop functionality or right-clicking your mouse in SipleoAssist.

This Sipleo feature allows you to facilitate remote collaboration and exchanges, but also to promote teamwork!

Use case: if your team is teleworking and organizes recurring meetings, conference calls can be adapted to this type of use. Are your associates traveling and you need to have a quick update with them? Use Sipleo conferencing!


Sending SMS


It’s easy to send text messages to co-workers, via a single platform than switching to your chat software to send the message and get a response! On SipleoAssist, everything is centralized. In the “messages” category you can, in a few clicks, send, consult, delete or receive all your SMS, provided, of course, that you use a chip.

Use case: you are working remotely or in the office and you want to question your colleagues, managers on a particular subject? Text him instantly.

Monitor your teams and manage availability

Call recording, call statistics, Supervisor software… Sipleo has also thought of developing some tools to simplify the monitoring of your teams!

Call recording

Optimize your exchanges, protect your agents, train your employees… Call recording is possible with Sipleo. Obviously the reasons must be truly identified, because this practice is legally regulated by the CNIL.

With Sipleo, you have the possibility to record calls globally or by tracking calls, from SipleoAssist, depending on the line and the origin of the call, a call in real time or even by defining the duration recorded conversations.

Call recording allows you to better train and evaluate your teams, ensure the quality of telephone reception or even trace a call.

Use case: you have just recruited a new employee and you need to train them on the cold calling or customer prospecting part. You can choose to record most of this agent’s phone calls and then see the positive/negative aspects with them when you listen back with them.


Call statistics


In a business, planning is essential. The call statistics will allow you to know the flow of future calls, to organize the schedules of your employees or to improve your commercial strategy.

With this tool, predict the flow of future calls based on past periods (days, weeks, months, years). This forecast will give you the possibility of anticipating and better organizing the schedules of your employees according to the days of the week.

Sipleo’s dedicated interface helps you find out the duration and total number of calls made, for each extension or calls received per hour. Actionable stats that can positively impact your business strategy!

Use case: do you want to optimize the working time of your employees on taking customer calls? Analyze the flow of calls at the same period, the year before and adapt their schedules accordingly.

Strengthen the security of your telecommunications

With Sipleo, security is a priority! In view of the number of attacks (of all kinds) that companies are increasingly facing, it is important today to protect themselves well.

The list of attacks

This is a page on which all intrusion attempts are listed. From your Sipleo administrator interface, you can manage attacks in just a few clicks: status, start date, end date, login used, IP address, number of attacks, action to define in the event of an intrusion , etc.

The attack list allows you to maintain control over your telephony solution and your budget, which can increase if people manage to hack your installation.


The IP address ban


Ban IP addresses to protect your phone lines. Every day, your company may face numerous intrusion attempts (regardless of their type). This is why, thanks to this option, you can ban IP addresses that are too intrusive, automatically or manually.

By implementing this system, you reduce the risk of hacking and better secure your business telephony.


Use case: you want to secure your telephony or your business requires permanent control over this part, the list of attacks and the banning of IP addresses on Sipleo are features among others that you need.

Is a feature missing? Do you have a special need ? If you have any questions about our IPBX and its different features, contact our team!

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