The Least Cost Routing

The Least Cost Routing allows you to choose, among several operators, the one that offers the best route for each of your calls.

What is this ?

This system allows you to choose from several operators. For example, the one that offers the best exit path (or best route) for each of your calls (external or private). Indeed, this functionality is based on several specific criteria: cost of the destination, performance and presentation of the number.

This method can be useful if you contact your customers with European (Spain, Italy, Germany, etc.) or international (Japan, United States, etc.) telephone numbers.

It’s also a great way to optimize your business telephony.

In addition, this option is added value for the development of your business telephony abroad.


What are advantages ?

Why implement Least Cost Routing when you deploy internationally?

More competitive telecommunications

The Least Cost Routing allows you to considerably optimize the cost of your telephone communications, which can be quite significant when abroad.

Best performance

This routing technique improves the performance of your business telephony. From the moment you contact a foreign number, it will choose the most profitable exit path, going through the fewest intermediaries (operators) possible.

Number presentation

When you trigger the call, the routing set up will first analyze and then follow the most economical route. Then, it will trigger the call to your interlocutor, anywhere in the world, keeping your original number or adapting it to the type of number of the destination country.

In summary, it is a very beneficial communication system for your business. Do you interact fairly regularly with employees, clients, service providers or suppliers located in the European Union or outside? Then this feature should interest you!

Save money on your telephony!

Questions about configuring Least Cost Routing?