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Faced with the always very specific needs of our customers, our Sipleo telephony system is constantly evolving.

The requests we receive are generally based on the desire to offer personalized services and exchanges. The goal is to convince potential prospects and retain existing customers.

This strategy has proven to be beneficial for a large number of businesses, including our clients, as it has boosted their sales, improved their brand image and built trust with their customers.

With Sipleo, the customization of your interactive voice server (IVR) is done through features configured and/or created according to your needs.

Pre-answered. Waiting music. Personalized message. Call script. Making appointments… So many choices to optimize your company’s telephone reception and the relationship with your customers.

In this article, you will discover the situations in which the personalization of your IVR is more than necessary. We will also offer you some examples of possible configurations with the Sipleo SVI.

Your interactive voice server (IVR) personalized according to your structure

With Sipleo, the IVR will help you manage all your incoming calls, while adapting to your structure.

It is not always easy to combine both call management and internal organization.

As a franchise, business network, multinational, multi-entity or business, it is important to set up a good organization, so as not to neglect your external and internal communication.

How to take advantage of IVR for your business?

Thanks to the SVI, you have multiple configuration possibilities.

You can coordinate all your calls to a single number and/or use the caller’s location to route the call to the right structure.

This strategy facilitates the work of your employees, directs customers more quickly to the right structures and saves time.

Note that this operation may require configuration with a CTI (computer telephony coupling), which I will have the opportunity to talk to you about a little later in this article.


Take the example of several accounting firms located in Provence and all associated with a group. These offices are located in four different departments in the PACA region and can be reached via a single number.

On the other side of this telephone number, there is a secretary. It answers all calls and redistributes them according to the availability of the accountants of each firm thanks to our management and supervision tool SipleoAssist.

It would also be possible to transfer calls to specific firms taking into account the geographical position of each caller.

To better understand, I invite you to discover how CER France Provence accounting firms work with the Sipleo telephone system.


In summary, whatever the size of your company (self-employed, SME, VSE, GE, etc.), the Sipleo interactive voice server (IVR) plays an essential role in welcoming, monitoring and relating to your customers.

This is also why it is essential to set up a personalized IVR to qualify the caller’s needs and redirect them more quickly.

Your interactive voice server (IVR) personalized according to your customers

To effectively process and satisfy your customers’ requests, it is essential to set up an IVR, taking into account the needs of your callers.

You regularly meet people abroad, individuals, professionals, people located in a certain region of France or your customers are looking for a particular service… To route each call intelligently, the Sipleo interactive voice server is your best ally!

Taking into account your customer typology, several parameters can be set up by your IVS:

Finally… The possibilities are endless!

In addition, by linking your SVI with your CTI, you benefit from a wider range of configurations.

Thanks to this, the management of your customer requests is more efficient and your callers are satisfied with the quality of your service.

The last point of this article is just as important, because an IVS can also be set up according to current events or specific events.


Your interactive voice server (IVR) personalized according to the news

As we have seen previously, the interactive voice server can be personalized taking into account the organization of your company, the type of your customers, but also the social context.

This is what we will see in this part.

Whether in times of strike, shortage, global pandemic, sales or any other event, your interactive voice server will have to be adapted, and this, very quickly!


Take the example of a firewood store, specializing in the production of pellets and pellets, located in Varennes-sur-Allier.

You should know that Ukraine is one of the main pellet producing countries.

However, since the end of 2021, due to the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, production has fallen sharply and the price has soared. Added to this is the increased cost of transport, packing bags, etc.

Being highly solicited and able to meet only a weak demand, the company had to make a choice to maintain productive exchanges with its customers. 3 Bois favors sales to professionals and individuals located in their delivery area.

To be able to exchange with professionals and individuals located in their delivery area, the company has set up an IVS, allowing you to:


I invite you to discover how the 3 Bois brand was able to take advantage of certain features of the IVR Sipleo to redirect customers to a switchboard or an answering machine and thus optimize its call management and its time.

Everything is possible with your Sipleo interactive voice server (IVR)… Even custom-made!

Indeed, the field of possibilities does not stop only at the examples that I could cite previously!

Sipleo’s interactive voice server (IVR) is made up of a large number of options, which allow you to personalize and continually develop your customer reception as well as the management of all your calls:

Some configurations have already been implemented with most of our customers, but there are still endless possibilities, just waiting to be developed!

What are you waiting for to customize your interactive voice server (IVR) with the Sipleo team?

What you need to remember from this article is that the Sipleo interactive voice server is a real asset for your business and its customization can go much further than you think!

You should also know that Sipleo is the sole publisher of the telephony solution, which gives us a major advantage in the possibility of designing new features.

On top of that, our IPBX adapts perfectly to your activities: service, industry, transport, logistics, accounting, and more! It can accompany you to the office or during your various trips.

Our team is continually working on new optimizations in order to meet the needs of many companies located in France, in the overseas departments and abroad.

Do you have an idea in mind, a specific project or a unique need concerning the interactive voice server? We are open to all requests and can advise you on the structure of the IVR to suit your company!

To find out more about Sipleo, contact us!

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