This multi-functionnal assistant for your telephony is a daily partner. You just have to drag and drop the element you want to in order to move it. For example, to do a call conference, you just have to put people into the conversation with your computer mouse. SipleoAssist is a very simple tool which allows you to access to your calls records, your telephone directory… You can directly make a phone call from your SipleoAssist ! SipleoAssist will revolutionize your daily work !

SipleoAssist is a very useful software. 

How does it work ?

SipleoAssist is a personnal tool present on each workstation. You can decide to customize it ( Indicate your name or pseudo, your state (occupied, on line…), choose you a photograh….Your SipleoAssist looks like you!). It is also possible to write some words to indicate what you are doing, your mood… (“meeting with mister Doe”, “is working on tendering files”…).

You can choose people you want to “visualize” (on the picture : Xavier, Laurent, Sophie…). These persons could be the ones you work with regulary for example. SipleoAssist gives the possibility to know more about the activity of people in the company (a global vision of the activity of your collaborators).

SipleoAssist offers a visualization of the use of telephone lines and current communications. Who is online with someone on the phone? Which one of your collaborators is free to answer a call. In real time, you can take the best decisions for the caller thanks to SipleoAssist(switch the communication to one of your co-worker, propose to call back, make the caller wait…).


To send text messages : you can text messages directly from your computer. It is possible to send text messages to one person or to a group of people. You can also send text messages to your collaborators (internally), they will receive their messages on their computer screens!  Revolutionize the way you work with your multi-functionnal assistant for your telephony. It is also possible to send advertising text messages on cellulars (if the adequate equipment is installed). Take benefit from this new functionnality to do your commercial activities (announce a sales campaign…) directly on your customers smartphones. Revolutionize your customer relationship thanks to IPBX Sipleo.

Management of auto-calls : Launch a call directly from your computer! You just have to do a right click to make a phone call. You don’t have to use your phone! Make your phoning campaign be easier!

To make call conferences : one or many of your collaborators can bring something interesting to the conversation? Your multi-functionnal assistant for your telephony gives you the possibility to easily create a conference call (and visio-conference). SipleoAssist allows you to be more complete and more reactive. Professionnalize and optimize your exchanges thanks to IPBX Sipleo.

Management of your telephone directory : add an unknown number directly to your directory. After you took the call, you just need one click to add that number and fill in all the information you have (name of your interlocutor, enteprise….).

Calls records : number and/or name of your contact, date, hour, duration, visualization of calls (passed, made and missed).

Computer telephony integration (CTI) : possibility to create an Outlook contact card, to launch calls from Sage, lift of customers cards from your professional software (such as CRM and ERP, Lomaco, Microsoft Dynamics…). IPBX Sipleo allows 16 ways for computer integration (tapi, http, soap…).

SipleoAssist is a daily assistant

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