What is Fax over IP?

Improve your productivity with your fax over IP. Your telephony is important. Consider improving it.

The advantages of IP voice

Business activity still requires sending and receiving faxes on a daily basis. Indeed, in many sectors, faxes continue to play a central role in the activity of SMEs.

This is why setting up a Fax over IP voice allows you to send faxes via the Internet. Since it uses the same protocols and configurations needed for voice over IP.


FOIP works through the T38 and requires a VoIP gateway, fax machine, fax card or fax software compatible with the T38. Unlike paper fax, FoIP technology makes it possible to send documents securely.

Indeed, with traditional faxes, sensitive information can be read by individuals other than the initial recipient. Sending faxes via Voice over IP allows this information to be encrypted to protect it.

Why choose fax over IP?

By choosing an IP sending solution, forget about maintaining and replacing your fax machine.

You have no “physical” machines to maintain in good condition, no expenses on paper or other toners. Implementing FoIP allows you to save money.

Finally, in comparison with traditional faxes, the technology used for sending and receiving faxes via voice over IP allows several faxes to be received simultaneously at any time (even when the computer is turned off). ). FoIP solutions allow your employees to send, receive, save and forward faxes quickly and easily.

And this whether they are in the office or when they are traveling.

Your business gains in productivity. No more wasted time receiving and sending traditional faxes. Your employees, in just a few clicks, can link files to their faxes via your daily office applications.

Questions about fax over IP?