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10 advantages of Sipleo SIP telephony

Find the 10 advantages of Sipleo SIP telephony in our blog article! To find out more.

IP telephony is gradually becoming established in businesses. This technology consists of passing your telephony through an internet network.

This system brings many advantages to companies and their employees!

With our Sipleo IP solution, you benefit from flexible, flexible and mobile telephony! Our team supports you in all your projects and remains available to meet your needs, even the most technical!

The flexibility of IP telephony

IP telephony is a real asset for businesses in terms of agility and flexibility.

1 | More mobility

Thanks to SIP telephony, you and your colleagues are no longer directly connected to a physical access point within the company. Therefore, you can make and receive incoming calls whether you are on the move or working remotely.


2 | Unlimited number of numbers

With IP telephony, you can add as many telephone lines as you want. This usually varies as your needs change:

  • Establishment of your company on a new site,
    Increase in the number of employees,
  • Deployment in the
  • French Overseas
  • Territories or in other countries.

Setting up and managing IP telephony

3 | Simplified installation

Among all the advantages, it is important to highlight the simplicity of installing IP telephony. In fact, the implementation of this system only consists of connecting to an internet network. Whether it’s your company’s network or a network located anywhere in the world, anything is possible!


4 | System management and maintenance

Thanks to technology linked to IP, it is important to note that all the equipment you have (landlines, landlines, etc.) are connected by the same Internet network. These also have the same connectors. This is why management and maintenance are intended to be much simpler!

Improved services thanks to IP telephony

5 | Call quality

IP telephony significantly improves the quality of your services, whether in terms of call quality (audio and video) or available features.

Our team has maximized the configuration of our business telephony solution in order to obtain quality VOIP. The objective is to optimize the voice on the telephone and make the exchange perfectly audible!


6 | An optimized VOIP

Our team has maximized the configuration of our business telephony solution in order to obtain quality VOIP. The objective is to optimize the voice on the telephone and make the exchange perfectly audible!


7 | A multitude of features

SIP telephony offers many, ever more advanced options to improve the quality of your calls and the processing of your files.

Among these features, we mainly find:

And many others !

8 | The possibility of coupling your telephony solution to your business tool

Most of the options listed above will allow you to optimize your daily work.

Coupling your telephony solution with your business software (CRM, ERP) provides new functionalities. Thanks to this connection, you benefit from automatic file uploading, directory synchronization, launching calls with click to call, registering tasks in the CRM… and more!

The savings made with IP telephony

One last advantage regarding IP telephony and not the least: the savings made in the long term.

When you choose SIP telephony, you should know that there will be no initial investment to make, the cost will be single and expenses will be controlled!

9 | 0 investment & a single cost!

Since everything happens via an internet connection, you will not have any additional expenses to plan for in terms of purchasing hardware, software or installations.

Only the amount of the subscription must be taken into account, but this remains fixed.


10 | Controlled expenses

With SIP telephony, expenses are better managed. In fact, expenses are no longer calculated on the call but are made from a single subscription. This is a major asset for your business, because this system allows you to better control your costs and be more competitive in the long term!

Our fixed IP telephony solution is at your side!

Sipleo is an agile and flexible IP telephony solution! Our software adapts to your needs and our team supports you in all your telecommunications projects.

Our solution offers numerous features in terms of reception management, productivity gains, coupling (CTI), mobility & teleworking, monitoring, security and collaborative tools!

With Sipleo, your telephony offer is adapted to your needs, your expectations and evolves at the same pace as your company.

The number of IP telephony solutions has increased significantly and making the right choice can be complicated. To help you make a decision, we have written another blog article, which explains how to choose your IP phone system.

To find out more, contact our team!

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