Why a SIP Trunk?

A SIP Trunk with the Sipleo solution

The trunk will allow you to connect your telephony solution directly (without an additional conversion box) to the Sipleo Télécoms voice network.

Your company is therefore concerned if an IP telephony architecture is already in use within your structure. Your company thus goes “full IP” without having to replace existing equipment or modify the existing architecture. And you keep your existing phone numbers.

With Sipleo...

Choosing Sipleo’s SIP Trunk solution can also be interesting if you want to set up an IP telephony architecture soon.

Switching to SIP Trunk allows you to prepare your company’s infrastructure for changes in uses and the technologies of tomorrow (collaborative work, video conferences, etc.).

...In addition

In addition, the RTC (Switched Telephone Network – i.e. the historic network of Orange, formerly France Télécom), whose technology has become obsolete, is replaced by the IP protocol. This requires businesses to switch to IP telephony. Switched landlines and Numeris standards are destined to become extinct.


Trunk is a technology compatible with all telephone equipment and works from any type of Internet access within the company (ADSL, SDSL, Optical Fiber)

Benefits of SIP Trunk for the company?

First advantages of switching to SIP Trunk are:

Immediate simplification of the management of your infrastructure

Cost reduction

Managing your infrastructure made simple

In fact, by choosing SIP Trunk, you remove the gateways connecting your infrastructure to operator links as well as the T0 or T2 cards from your system. This way, you centralize voice flows.

This allows you to no longer rely on just one service provider. A single contract, and therefore a single invoice.

Reduced costs

In addition, you make immediate savings on telephone subscriptions. Benefit from unlimited communications offers to landlines and mobiles with Sipleo Télécoms.

As for internal calls, even across different sites within your company, they do not generate costs because they use your company’s internal internet network (WAN).

You can call for free between remote company sites.

Finally, by choosing Trunk SIP solutions, you have access to flexible technology that allows you to add or remove IP lines at any time.

technological constraints

Regarding the implementation of xDSL access (necessary to support SIP Trunk), the service eligibility constraints must be highlighted. For example, the geographical location of the company in relation to the France Télécom distributor will determine the speed of the xDSL line and the number of communications channels that the professional can subscribe to.

Unlike the deployment of an xDSL connection, Numéris (traditional) access generally does not pose any particular problem.

Sipleo Télécoms commitments

Sipleo Télécoms undertakes to comply with current regulations regarding the management of emergency numbers, the portability of your numbers and the availability of all types of numbers on the SIP Trunk.

And more...

In addition, Sipleo Télécoms makes it a point of honor to secure your infrastructure and communications. We offer VPN/Firewall solutions so as not to be the target of attacks and external threats (tapping, hijacking, etc.). Securing voice streams should be treated in the same way and in conjunction with the administration of a company’s systems and devices. This is why the Sipleo firewall solution is ideal for SMEs. Secure your company’s Internet access for voice and data with Sipleo Télécoms.

Finally, Sipleo Télécoms allows you to have several codecs and to favor IP MPLS type support guaranteeing bandwidth management and prioritization of flows.

Questions about SIP Trunk?

Do you have questions regarding the installation of your SIP trunk within your company? Do you want to change?