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Text message sending


What are the interests ?


Improve internal communication thanks to text messages

The example of healthcare sector : Do you want to notify your ambulances’ drivers that a new mission is assigned to them? Do you want to transfer their roadmap? Do you want to alert them according to information about the traffic? Enjoy the SMS function!

  • “Take attention: accident in the Prado tunnel”
  • “10/10/13: 2:00 p.m. appointment to the warehouse”…


envoi de sms via solution de téléphonie fixe pme

Inform your customers

The example of gyms and sports rooms : Do you need to communicate easily and quickly with your customers in one of the cheapest way? Do you have information you want to transmit to people who are registered in a class (gym, yoga…)? Do you want to send a message concerning a particular commercial offer? …

  • “The fitness classes schedules at 17:30 is canceled”
  • “Sponsor a future member of the gym and get a free month subscription” …


Promote your activity thanks to text messages

The example of car dealers and garages : Do you want to communicate easily and quickly with your customers that their vehicle repairs are finished? Do you want to send information to your customers about a promotion on oil changes? On brake pads…?

  • “Enjoy a 20% reduction on the revision of the air conditioning system of your car.  Benefit of this reduction before the summer holidays departures ”
  • “Repairs on your vehicle are finished. You can come and take back your car “…

The example of shopping facilities : Do you want to announce to your customers that there is a promotion on a particular product? Or on a shelf? Do you need to communicate widely on the return of a defective product? Would you like to wish an happy Christmas and an happy New year to your customers? …

  • “Take advantage of a special promotion throughout the child until 12 May radius!”
  • “Thanks to your loyalty card, enjoy a voucher of € 5 during the month of February”
  • “Your store will open on the 4th July”


How does it work ?


To send grouped text messages (SMS) – through a GSM-SIP gateway – gives you the opportunity to communicate with your customers and your staff in a fast and efficient way. You can use this function – available via our IPBX Sipleo – to send commercial reminders, advertising messages or just to inform your customers …
From your computer – and thanks to your Sipleo switchboard – send a text message to your customers, to a particular member of your company or all of your teams (grouped text messages). Revolutionize your daily work!

Everything is imaginable. Everything is possible with our telephony solution Sipleo.